Coachplan South Africa - dealers for new and used buses and luxury tourist motor coaches

Catalogue of selected used buses and tourist coaches, pre-owned passenger vehicles ranging from luxury touring motor coaches, semi-luxury commuter shuttle buses, school buses, used bus conversions.  

Neoplan airport buses , ground handling equipment, apron coaches for airfield passenger shuttle, Mercedes Benz buses, BOVA touring bus, BOVA used buses, Mercedes Benz (luxury coach); Neoplan double decker, Doubledecker MAN bus Explorer (commuter bus, school bus) ;  Neoplan Skyliner (double deck luxury touring coach); Neoplan Metroliner (semi-luxury / luxury single floor city bus) for mass transportation Neoplan Metroliner (airport shuttle bus); MAN buses (semi-luxury for rural areas and school transport) for mass transportation Volvo (luxury touring motor coaches); Neoplan Cityliner (one and half decker luxury tourist coach); Neoplan Jetliner (luxury long distance intercity bus); Neoplan Cityliner (super-luxury touring bus); MAN (semi-luxury school bus) for mass transportation; Mercedes Benz Sprinter (touring bus conversion); Toyota Coaster (Gas / Petrol) converted to luxury bus; Toyota Coaster (Diesel) - converted to luxury shuttle bus); Iveco luxury bus - used for short tours;

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