.Right-hand drive Volvo B7R chassis with Neoplan bodywork Neobody N316 single decker. This reliable, easily maintained, rear engined chassis bus is ideally designed for city and coach transport. For full specifications see www.coachplan.co.za/volvo.htm

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Volvo B7R chassis with Neoplan bodywork N316 The Volvo B7R is a reliable, easily maintained, rear-engined bus chassis, well designed and ideal for intercity and coach transport. The chassis is equipped with air suspension on the front and rear axles, and this contributes to the excellent road holding and handling capabilities.




ENGINE Rear-mounted D7B285,Turbo/Intercooled, 6 cylinder,7litre -  diesel engine, Euro 2  emission class
OUTPUT D7B285   -- 210kW (285 hp )
GEARBOX Volvo G8 - 8 speed EGS easy shift
RETARDER  Voith retarder
BRAKES Dual pneumatic system with ABS
COACHWORK Neoplan / Neobody
SPECS Overall height 3480 mm
(3705 mm incl a/c)
  Overall length 12 metre
  Overall width 2,5 metre
  Wheel base 5880 mm
  Rear overhang 3270 mm
  Luggage space 7 cubic metre
  Seating 45 luxury reclining seats
  Seat manufacturer Kiel
  Hostess seat fold up at front entrance
  Driver seat swivel / suspension type
Air-conditioning Webasto 
Entertainment 2 x Video monitors, VCR, radio/PA system
Toilet mid mounted sunken toilet
Kitchenette rear mounted with coffee percolator and hot water boiler, fridge in dashboard in front

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